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Connor Shaver-Burgess



My Story

Ever since I was a child, I’ve always loved fragrance products. I have many memories of exploring farmers markets or various stores smelling all of the candles, bath salts, or soaps to find just the perfect fragrance (typically something fresh or a bright citrus). I recognized early on that fragrance has the power to create little moments of joy by tapping you on the shoulder and reminding you to be in the moment. Something as simple as changing out the fragrance of the hand soap at home can lift your mood and enliven your spirit when you get a whiff and think “oh yeah that smells good” or even think back to a happy memory connected to that fragrance.

I remember getting my first Scentsy warmer in 2014 and was immediately hooked on the Wax and Warmer system. I’m constantly changing my mind of what type of fragrance I want in my spaces, and the Wax and Warmer system gave me the flexibility I wanted to change on practically a daily basis. Even better, I didn’t have to have a bunch of partially burned candles sitting around!

After running my own (micro) home fragrance company for several years, I finally made the hard decision to shut the company down at the end of 2022. I realized that while I love smelling the fragrances and seeing what fun combinations I could come up with – producing them in mass, managing inventory, and shipping was just not necessarily in my wheelhouse. Not too long after closing my company, one of my favorite Scentsy warmers had the bulb go out and while looking for a replacement I went down the rabbit hole of remembering just how much I loved the old Scentsy bars I used to warm. That’s when I realized I could have the best of both worlds – have a small business sharing fantastic home fragrance products but without having to manage all of the aspects around product development and production like in my own company.

I’d love the opportunity to be your Scentsy Consultant and share all of the amazing fragrances and systems in our catalog with you! Feel free to reach out!

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